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Change log:

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  • Fix a crash that could occur in the label refresh logic in certain cirumstances.

  • Remember settings tab seperately depending on whether settings was invoked from main menu or reports menu.
  • Fix text weight for SHX fonts in labels (was always being created with current line weight regardless of weight that had been selected).
  • Ensure reports are created on correct layer. Previously if a non-existent layer was specified a new layer was being created but the report was not being placed on it.
  • 'Area' added as a new type of user defined field.
  • For User Defined Fields: Do not allow entry of curly brackets in the Unique Tag field and limit the Value field to a maximum entry of 25 characters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in some circumstances if DataCAD's Angle Type was set to something other than 'Normal'
  • User Defined Fields were not being exported to Excel
  • Edit details was not updating new values for user defined fields.

  • Fixed a problem with selection of the side of a space when using the Move Side or Add Corner funcionality in the Edit menu
  • Minor changes to some wording on the Settings form to make it more consistent.
  • Fix a problem that could occur saving Category information when the Settings Drop-down was changed .
  • Some minor fine-tuning of the Excel Import function.
  • Don't draw spaces to the screen if their layer is not 'On' (relevant to the refresh function and elsewhere).
  • Changes to the way selecting spaces for Reports works (you can now 'unselect' a selection option without selecting another opttion - nothing selected is a valid state when updating existing reports).

  • Changed the macro's implementation of the Text Scale setting. Previously it maintained its own setting separate from the standard DataCAD setting. The macro now uses the standard DataCAD setting (if you check or uncheck the Text Scale checkbox on the Settings form then the DataCAD Text Scale setting will also be updated).
  • Fixed some of the captions on the Report form which were showing incorrect text since v0.0.0.19.
  • Fixed Excel 'Export to Other File' functionality which has not worked in recent versions.
  • Some minor enhancements to the User Interface of the Excel Export functionality. Also display a message if the user selects 'Export to Linked File' but some of the selected spaces are not linked to a file.

  • When using the Move Side edit function, the default for a newly installed macro is now to stretch the adjacent sides (rather than inserting new sides). The setting to stretch or insert is now always saved for future uses of the macro.
  • Re-engineered parts of the Room Contour functionality. Fixed a 'hang' that had could occur on open-sided outlines, and parameters specifying the maximum opening width (for windows/doors) and wall thickness (used in logic to avoid including wall caps at window and door openings in the outline) have been exposed to the user (this was the original intention, but had been overlooked as development progressed).
  • Added an option to place the label entities on a different layer to the space outline. The outline will always be placed on the current layer; you can now specify to have the label placed on the same (active) layer as the outline, on a specific layer, or on a layer with a name that is the same as the active layer but with an added prefix or suffix (layer will be created if it does not already exist).
  • Fine tuned the way some of the defaults are set and used when updating reports
  • Refined the rules that allow the first non-blank column in a report sub-total or total line to span multiple columns
  • Fixed the label for the Inches radio button on Excel Import screen (it was incorrectly labelled as 'feet' since v0.0.0.19).
  • Line Clr button on Report Settings was sometimes displaying (with blank caption) when it should not have been displayed.
  • Have added quite a bit of content to the Manual. There is now significant content in the Quick Start guide.

  • New categories entered on Space Details form are now saved to the Categories List (associated fill settings are saved, but categories created on this form do not save any associated User Defined Field values and are always saved to use Z settings for ceiling height).
  • Some options were not being saved correctly on the Space Details form (if you changed Custom Fill Colours or All Caps settings then your new values would be effective until you exited the macro, but sometimes went back to the old settings next time you used the macro).
  • Reports that were sub-totalled by Category were displaying the layer instead of the category in some circumstances. If there are spaces without a category they will now be shown in an 'Uncategorised' grouping ('Uncategorised' wording may be changed by user by editing line 122 of Spaces.msg file).
  • The last position and size of the various pop-up windows will now be saved and used next time the form is invoked.
  • Stop doing unnecessary processing when cancelling out of the Excel Export screen.
  • Added a new {Count} tag that can be used in sub-totals and totals report lines to show the number of spaces.
  • Added a new Summary Report option at S8 on the reports menu. This will display a pop-up with total count, area, perimeter, and volume of selected spaces (selection can be by All, Visible, or Active layers and/or by Category).
  • Labels will now be updated (provided the 'Auto Recalc Labels setting is enabled) in any menu if you 'jump out' of the macro and then return (e.g. if you are in the Reports menu and press Alt/S to jump to the stretch menu, any spaces that are changed will be recalculated as soon as you return to the macro). Previously the recalc was only done when you returned to the macro's main menu.
    Also changed the caption for this setting (on the Processing Options tab of the Settings form) from 'Auto Recalc Labels when macro starts' to just 'Auto Recalc Labels'.

  • Change default for newly installed macro to just create one polyline at wall surface (have not yet updated instruction manual to reflect this new default).
  • Fixed some of the captions on the Report form which were showing incorrect text since v0.0.0.19.

  • User Defined field values were not defaulting properly when a category was selected in the Space Details form.
  • After entering a 3Pnt Rectange the the grids were being left at the angle of the first side of the rectangle. The grids are now returned to their previous angle on completion of the rectangle entry.
  • Added a few sections to the Instruction Manual (still very far from complete).

  • Changed default area/volume settings to be Square Meters and Litres if a metric scale is being used (will still default to Sq Ft and Cu Ft if a non-metric scale is in use).
  • Do not display Fill Colour button on Space Details form if 'Use Solid Fill' is not checked.
  • TTF lines in the label were not displaying in the correct colour (the entity colour was set correctly, but the outline and fill colours were not set correctly).
  • Caption on the Fill Colour button on the Categories tab of the Settings form was displaying question marks instead of the colour name.

  • Added 'Instruction Manual' button and a few other minor fine-tuning on the About form.
  • Fine tuning and minor formatting changes to Space Properties form:
    Number input was using Name ALL CAPS option instead of Number ALL CAPS option.
    Adjusted the tab order of the fields.
  • Fixed a problem where wall options settings on Space Properties form were not always working when set differently to default.
  • Fine tuning tab order and other minor formatting changes to Settings form. Cleaned up the msg & lbl files.
  • Report/Rebuild All functionality was only rebuilding the first report (if there was more than 1 report then the first report was being rebuilt multiple times but the other reports were not being rebuilt at all). All reports are now rebuilt once by this functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with Report Title reverting to the default when a report was rebuilt.

  • Added Clipboard option to report form.

  • Updated hint text for Space Left/Right field on Report Settings (Page 2)
  • Added a new setting to specify the layer on which new reports will be created (can be set to use the currently active layer, an existing layer, or if the layer specified does not exist then it will be created).
  • Fixed an issue where the report line colour setting (on Reports (page 2) Settings) was sometimes not being saved correctly.
  • Added instruction text to Reports (page 1) tab of settings form.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing unexpected behaviour sometimes when entering text slant values.
  • Added extra copy functionality to the Edit menu.

  • Fixed problems with text scale setting (for both reports and labels)
  • Fixed crash that could occur when creating/updating labels with the 'Knockout Box' option. Crash typically occurred when there were more than about half a dozen text entities in the label (most common with stacked fractions as they create seperate entities for each numerator, denominator etc.)
  • Changed functionality of S0 when using Rem Area in Reports menu (previously it exited Reports menu, now it drops back to Report menu with Area(s) selected).